What should we call our new chat bot?

Alrighty guys - we’re just about to launch our new chat bot, but he/she/it needs a name! Any thoughts or suggestions? :robot: :robot: :robot:

(& if you’d like - you can check out this thread to read more on the topic: How do you feel about chatbots? 🤖)

Fire away!

As a lot of your team have Xinja in their handles, perhaps something along those lines?
Like BitXinja, XinjaBot, or XinjaMate

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Oh dear…honestly what is going on at Xinja???

There are countless basic core features missing and you have been investing time, effort and money into a vanity project like this?

You guys have said numerous times that you are resource constrained and yet you chosen to invest in this?

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Did somebody say naming things??? (rubs hands…)


Hi @Azzy - thanks for you comment and I get where you’re coming from in terms of frustration over features. Just to give you some context, this is a beta trial and the bulk of the work is done by the Xinjarati themselves - not impacting the tech and delivery teams building features or products, so different parts of the business. With bots obviously you need to acquire a lot of data from the interchange over a long period for them to become really effective, so you need to launch them early to gather this data. Also, this is a cost saving exercise. We found that a large % of calls/chats/emails from customers were asking a very small number of the same questions. We obviously put them in FAQs, updated standard communication, but we still get a lot of repetition. The Xinjarati are going to get very busy when we launch 2 new relatively products next quarter and this is in preparation to save us having to hire too many people. The bot will cover about 15% of enquiries rising to 30% in about 4 months, and scaling from there. Meanwhile, the humans will be dealing with the more complex and sensitive queries. So it’s not impacting delivery, it’s going to save us money (and increasingly), and it’s building an important data pool for the future. I hope that helps.


There are two approaches here. Something totally fitting in with the Xinja theme and something totally out there. Ideally, you want something that sits in the middle. I dunno which way the company will go.

  • Larry

  • Bob

  • Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca III
    (massive bonus points if you know whose name this actually is)

  • Fernando

  • (this is difficult. you can really name something like this almost anything and it will be reasonably ok) (goes to baby naming website)

  • Maybanke

  • Shelton

  • Monet

  • If you want something a bit posh, many of the choices at https://nameberry.com/blog/vintage-surname-names-gems-from-a-secret-source

  • Mabel

  • Arlo

  • Xzavier

  • Xia

  • Zebra

I might or might not come back to edit this and add things. I think there are lots of good ideas and you just have to go with one that resonates the right thing.


Xzavier and Arlo are cool!


Looking at this again after a short break.

I think you need a shorter (1-2 syllables?), reasonably simple to remember name, that is interesting but not too too smart or overly obscure. Could be something that plays well with Xinja as a surname.

I’m a bit neither here nor there with many of the above.

I think Arlo is kind of on the right track.

Ginger? Pepper?

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You should call your new chatbot Jackson, spelt as “jacson”.

What does that even mean? Well the name Ninja in Japanese is made up of two Kanji symbols. The first one (Nin) means to steal, hide or conceal. The second one (Ja) means a person (or in our case our chatbot).

CSO is the acronym for Customer Service Officer.

And the Japanese like to suffix boys names with ‘son’.

So Ja+cso+n (the ‘n’ to form ‘son’) and there we have it - Jacson.

Also, some other bank chatbot info here: https://thefinancialbrand.com/71251/chatbots-banking-trends-ai-cx/


I like your thinking behind the name!!

Some progress of various ideas here.

Another approach which may have potential is to use a word that represents / translates into hello or welcome or help.

I found this page which has some interesting possibilities - https://bilingua.io/how-to-say-hello-in-100-languages

eg. Selam / Salam, Moni, Bite, Molo, Hai, Hola

Auxilium - Latin for help.

I dunno.

I guess the other thing is are you trying to give a personality into something that might grow over time? Is it two people? eg. Bo and Flo.

Another approach is to have a name starting with a slightly unusual letter like the X of Xinja. eg. Quill,

Orana - https://nameberry.com/babyname/Orana
Orana is an word from the Wiradjuri language meaning “welcome”.

Celio - https://nameberry.com/babyname/Celio
(from this, I like Cello very much, as in the instrument.)


That’s enough for now. I personally like Cello, but I think something like Orana works very well for the task. I think these sort of names are close to the sort of thing you might be looking for.


How about Agent Xinja or just Agent X?


Love that @brett :ninja_emojis_pink_03:

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Gotta say, there’s something kinda appealing about “Agent X”. Bit mysterious and fun. In the first instance, makes me think of “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”

Carmen is an ok choice too.

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Agent X is here and Agent X is there. Agent X is the face we never see. Stealthly and informed, able to help our first line of banking enquiries.

Who is Agent X? We may never find out.

(There is a backstory and Agent X’s actual name is one day revealed to be Orana and etc etc etc)


@yogi might be time to get out and enjoy the long weekend


AIrhead because using one usually results in frustration and time wasting.

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One day xinja will try and actually close the gap with other banking apps :roll_eyes:

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Linja or Linda from Xinja


Yeah, I started to look at Xinja because it seemed to have a more personal touch. I can get chat bots anywhere. As your features are still VERY slim I am surprised that this is what you’re working on. No new Stash accounts (even though your rate is now the same as everyone else), no NPP, no… the list goes on. But hey, we have a chat bot! Now we can treat our customers like the big banks do when they try to get in contact with us! Yay!