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Hey @HaydenMenzel welcome :ninja_emojis_pink_03: We should be thru the waitlist in a week or so so not long now!

I have also just applied on the website and have been told i am now on a waiting list and was just wondering how all the wait times are going? Also, do we get the option of a card with our account?

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Xinja “Launched” a few months ago now but that was more about media hype. They are in effect actually in Beta ( which they now use in their communication). I’ve got my card and account and it’s basicly just a bank account with a app at this stage so you are not missing out. No doubt they will get around to actually “launching” in the months ahead and hopefully some cool features will arrive plus the basics like NPP.

Yep you get a nice pink card with your account.

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Hi @CallsignViper92 - we’re working thru the waitlist now and accelerating to we hope to be thru it in a week or so. Yes, you get a card and there’s also apple pay and google pay!

HI @anon42385786 we are definitely in beta and you’ll notice it’s not just in communication but on the card as well. And yes at the moment it’s only a basic account. Since launching we’ve added instant top up (not all accounts have this) as well as apple pay and google pay and save payees. We will be adding ‘stash’ (savings account) before Xmas. The idea was always to launch early to waitlisters and get feedback/make changes as we go ; at the moment we’re redesiging the home screen based on feedback and testing to date.

What kind of interest rate can we expect from the savings account? Up currently has a 2.25% rate, it’d be great if Xinja was comparable.

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Hey @Ka_Coffiney - yup - you can expect us to be very competitive :_ninja_emojis_lilac_01: Also, we won’t have the usual caveats so no minimum deposits or payments to get the rate. Rate won’t be set till the last minute however so can’t say for certain what it is now.

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Hey are you still releasing to prepaid card customers, i am still using my prepaid card and was wondering how its traveling :slight_smile:

:wave: @Jack Welcome to the Xinja Community! You can join our Bank account waitlist, by downloading the Xinja App. The Bank Account has the same benefits and more :smiley:and you can transfer any remaining balance on your Prepaid Card to your new Xinja Bank Account. Also noting the prepaid card will be discontinued on the 1st of Dec.

Prepaid cards will be discontinued on the 1st December (as per xinja email).
I’m still using my one too!
I set up calendar alert on 29th to double check no random cash left :face_with_hand_over_mouth::grimacing:
Although, @CaptainXinja I suppose to receive refunds on prepay in mid December. Where the funds will be allocated …automatically to XB -[bank acc] or…? :roll_eyes::nerd_face:

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I should already be on the list I’m still waiting on any notice of migration to XB and was just curious because I read higher up that they’re nearing the end of the prepaid accounts and I never heard anything on it

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:flushed: @photoxinja :flushed: How did I miss your reply :face_with_hand_over_mouth:… must be all these High Visibility Colour payment cards in my wallet distracting me :heart_eyes:

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lol - I’ve got 4 :_ninja_emojis_lilac_01:

Hi @Romas - if you’ve already got a Xinja bank account and didn’t close the prepaid card as you went thru, give the Xinjarati a call on 1800 946527 to transfer any funds to the Xinja bank account or any other bank account. If there are no funds on the card on 1st Dec, we’ll close the account for you anyway. :ninja_emojis_pink_03:

Hey Jack you should have received an invite to open a Xinja Bank account by now and a couple of emails referencing closure of prepaid card…If you open a Xinja bank account, you get the chance to close your prepaid card and transfer any funds to that on the way thru. If you don’t do that, you can ring the Xinjarati on 1800 946527 to close the prepaid card account and transfer funds to your Xinja bank account or any other bank account. If there are no funds in the prepaid card account on 1st December, we’ll close it for you. :_ninja_emojis_lblue_01:

I have checked and have not come across any email regarding an invite to open an account :slightly_frowning_face: The most recent email I have in regards to it is when Xinja got its banking licence back in September and thats it, would i be best to call and have it sorted?

Hey @Jack Oh no that’s not good! Sorry about that. :disappointed: Can you please DM your email address and we’ll check this for you.

Good afternoon. Just wanting to check that I haven’t missed something about opening an account. I’m on the waitlist still and thought I read something that they’ll all be processed in November? Thanks

:wave: @Kelvin79 - Welcome! We had to take a bit of a pause the last week in sending out invites due to prepaid card closure. But we’ll be zooming past the invites over the next fortnight :slight_smile:

Thank you for the update thread!

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