When do you feel anxious or worried about money / managing money?


I’m interested in the events and situations that trigger a worry in the minds of our customers. Is it when your bank balance reaches a certain point? When you miss a payment or a bill? When you see a transaction you don’t recognise? When your spending reaches a certain point?

Let us know the things that trigger or cause you to stress / worry / sleep a little less easy and we can go to work on what we can do to remove or manage that stress / worry for you … we’re interested in what we can worry about (using awesome tech) so that you don’t have to.

By the same token, we are also interested in the moments that make you sleep a little easier eg. Is it pay day? Or when you know a bill has been paid? Or when you see your savings go up? We can then look at how to create more of those moments to increase your money peace of mind.


Bills being due.

hand in the air chronic late payer through receiving a bill and entirely forgetting about it…

so pit of sadness is a late payment notice… and therefore penalty.
but, super enjoyment from the fact that a bill has been paid.


So i used to feel worried about there being enough money in account to cover bills, whilst still saving regularly. So i set up a buffer account with the same bank (ING) that would grow with regular savings, but also I could draw on in case of surprise bills.


I just feel like I don’t budget! I never really have a true plan for my money. So it’s all impulse spending. And budgeting seems so … tedious! I’d love stress free help budgeting, to in turn help me save. Round-ups would be awesome too! (A couple of dollars here and there, from purchases made, stowed away for a rainy day. :slight_smile:)

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So in the US there is a budgeting app called EveryDollar run by Dave Ramsey. (Really interesting / intriguing US podcast) - and I wish they would offer it in Australia, but alas they don’t.

I use PocketBook currently. But it’s not good for your own budget vs. actual, it’s just categorisation of expenses from your account for expense tracking.

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Awesome re the podcast. I’ve downloaded it. Always keen for a good podcast!

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So we want the usefulness of a budget … but not the effort of creating one …

Maybe a future Xinja feature for automated budgeting … or creat a budget in 5 mins? What do you think?

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Hmmmm maybe a future Xinja feature called “Forget your bills?” where we track your bills and get them paid for you and you when the bill has been paid?


I would say that that would be an excellent feature.

Being able to see when something is paid that if you could self-label it or add a reference to it, so that you know if you find a bill on your desk whether it’s been paid or not.

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Create a budget in 5 mins sounds great. Still allows the person, (me) to have input into the budget but makes it feel less momentous / overwhelming.

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Agreed! I have only just started to use Pocketbook recently, and the longer I use it the more I am recognising its limitations… and more making me think about the things I would love for it to have.

@BlueSky_Xinja Would love for Xinja to become the “Pocketbook-On-Steroids”, where in addition to auto-categorising my expenses, it will learn from my expense habits over a couple of months and then send me proactive notifications customised to me that will help me improve my habits. For example - “Your eating out expenses this week is fast approaching X% of your monthly income! Watch it!” And then maybe prompt an option for you to go into the app and set up a “safety net” for that expense category if you wish.

OR (on the positive note) “Your spending speed is behind trend month-to-date, - you are (i.e. $40) ahead of your usual habits! Want to stash this to your savings ASAP?! <then prompt option for you to go into the app and immediately transfer $40 from transaction account to savings account>”

Ultimately, the app will begin to behave like your super supportive financial advisor that travels with you in your pocket - Constantly prompting you to acknowledge, think, and act on your finances regularly throughout the day.

  1. Having to set up automated payments when your card expires or lost/stolen. Xinja having a quick view of regular payments would be great.

  2. Big bills due at the same time. Xinja maybe having reminders or like @SmileyXinja suggested proactive notifications - you’ve underspent this week, want to save this towards paying the car rego, swipe right


Great to have this validation @SmileyXinja. A quick check … are there times and contexts where those kinds of prompts / notifications might become annoying / ineffective?



  1. Having to set up automated payments when your card expires or lost/stolen. Xinja having a quick view of regular payments would be great.

Great idea, heaps of customers could benefit from that quick view of regular payments even if their card isn’t lost / expired / stolen.

  1. Big bills due at the same time. Xinja maybe having reminders or like @SmileyXinja suggested proactive notifications - you’ve underspent this week, want to save this towards paying the car rego, swipe right

Good to hear that managing spikes in bill payments / smoothing out cash by swiping to set money aside is resonating. Thanks for letting us know


@psychsplash nice money hack!


:thinking: Being able to easily find unpaid bills. Maybe we can turn them into a ‘to do’ list while we’re at it… perhaps even with one swipe capability to get those bills paid and ‘swipe’ the bills away!


I love these ideas. Alerts to spending before you do it rather than weeks after. I’ve just received a text from my bank saying I’ve incurred charges for going into my overdraft two weeks ago… Where was the “you’re on your way to using your overdraft at this current spend rate! ABORT! ABORT!” message two weeks ago!?

As a healthy reminder maybe something that highlights the %age of money left in your account for outstanding direct debits and standing orders vs overall money. For instance if you get paid at the start of the month and you have a direct debit on the 21st, as you go through the month spending you’ll see that %age deminish.

or maybe even in the background sidelining peoples funds for them into a container for their bills, leaving only money they can spend available to be withdrawn. Obviously they can move their money how they like. It could be a feature they toggle on/off as they wish in some bid to promote awareness. It could also be used as a way to up sell loans to assist them in times of need.


@two_seven Would love to know what words you’d like to see in the “Abort mission” message alert. Should it be serious? Should it be cheeky? Should it be alarming? Should it be annoying until you stop?

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I guess it depends on the person. I’d like to say cheeky, but I imagine old Elizabeth Windsor would rather a serious message.

Can you legally profile people based on their purchases? :joy:

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Not sure if you’ve seen the Xero reconciliation match up? But if you have I imagine it something like that. So you could take a photo of your bill it OCRs like a business card with the deets puts it on your to do list and then when you pay if you forget to check it off it prompts you and says hey, does this match this if so click here: “Hell yeah” or “Aw no different bill :cry: