Which Xinja product or feature are you most looking forward to?


We’re busy working away on lots of exciting features for our app - some we plan to launch quite soon, others are little further down the track.

Is there something that you’re particularly looking forward to? An app feature that you’re excited to try out? A product that you can’t wait to launch? Or maybe just something that you think would be really useful and you don’t know whether we’ve thought of it or not.

We’re building Xinja with our customers, so it’s super important for us to know exactly what you want. :ninja_emojis_pink_03: Let us know!

Why the gender financial gap.....& what do we do about it?

It would be good to have a warning if there is a direct debit coming out of an account with not enough funds. This would give people time to transfer money before being slugged with a large fee.

Also something like BPay view would be good where your bills can be shown in the xinja app and paid easily.

Another feature that might be good is a saving target/reminder where you set the amount you want to save by a certain date and the app tells you how much you need to save per week/fn/month. The app will remind you to put that about aside.

Fraud prevention notifications would be handy to let you know if any usual spending is happening in your account.

With the home loan, an indicator to show how long the loan still had left until it is payed off could be helpful. This would adjust based on any increase in repayments or lump sums put on the loan.

Looking forward to using Xinja soon!!


Push notifications when there’s a transaction on my account. Helps me keep across fraud and reminds me of my unused subscriptions (hello gym membership)


Maybe a 2 step verification for the Xinja app using an authtication app like one that can be used with our accounts on here.

I know that when you sign in you click a link sent to your email allowing you to sign in, but I mean like another verification method because it’s always good to have options. :slightly_smiling_face:


@digixinja do you have a list of up and coming features available?

How about game-ifying saving in some way?

Would it also be possible under current regulations to create a peer to peer lending system?


@Geffro - great suggestions, thanks so much! We have a process in place to make sure these all get passed down the line to our app builders who’ll then sort through and consider which we develop in future.


We do have regular app updates planned, but this stage we’re prioritising what we work on next, so we don’t have a list we can share right now. However, gamification and making your finances more fun is a big part of what we’re all about, so you can definitely expect to see those kind of things.

Peer to peer lending is a bit more complicated, so let me tag in @BlueSky_Xinja to comment on that.


That’s a great suggestion, thanks! I’ll pass this on as UX feedback to our app builders and they can take a look and consider whether they add it to their list. Appreciate the feedback!


Anything is possible, however to help us prioritise what’s going to be most valuable to our customers, let us know if this the feature you were most looking forward to from Xinja … or was there something else you would really like to see? Eg. Is gamification what you are most looking forward to? In your view, what can wait, and what is more important to do sooner rather than later? This feedback is really useful for us to make sure we are building what our customers want / need to use next, rather than what we think customers want!


Great suggestion, this is on our product roadmap and we’re currently working out when it’ll launch. We’ll keep you posted.


I definitely feel gamification is a long term winner for everyone. Especially if it can be done in a way to make people more aware of their finances.


Yep I agree re ‘gamification’. It would be a great tool to help younger people become more interested in / aware of of their finances early on. It could be a handy educational tool for parents wanting to teach their children. I really like this idea.


gamification could also include milestones. Eg. First $10 saved, first $100 etc. First 5 savings deposits, consecutive deposits, etc.
Maybe even add little printable awards so kids can put them on their wall.

For adults, I would love to see savings benefits before I hit deposit into my savings account. Something like this…
Acc A.
Savings Acc A.
Transfer amount $100

Estimated interest -
Transferring the following amount $100 will result in you getting from interest…
$0.50 free in the first year
$5.00 free in five years
$50.00 free in ten years

I like to note the mention of free is important. I think lots of people don’t realise saving makes money or how much money it can make.

Also on the saving account you can have a similar note but instead just referring to the balance.


Another useful view would be YTD total cost of repeated purchases.

Something like see where you spent your money this year.

Itunes - $479.00 YTD
Baba’s cafe - $379.00 YTD

This would let me see my enormous coffee bill and poor app choices.


I love the idea of celebrating milestones for the kids!


In terms of priority I think gamification with awards/achievements/etc for kids is a huge must do market.
Not only is it great for parents in educating kids about savings, it is also great for Xinja as a bank in getting long term (10yrs+) deposits which can be invested. You could even offer a unique savings account that is no withdrawals until the child is 18.


I think this is a really interesting discussion and great ideas @Bookman and all!

I absolutely understand the draw of gamification, but I kinda wonder if there is a way of “gaming” in a looser sense, towards a more… intrinsic way of understanding and relating to money. We want people to save, because saving is a good thing to do, not because you get a shiny icon on your profile (and yes… I totally understand the appeal of a shiny icon on your profile).

[A bit of this comes from my dislike of the star / reward charts that primary schools often use. Another story.]

A lot of other banks and similar have child / youth money awareness type programs. Perhaps you can take some of these and then teach the understanding of money - in both a practical and theoretical sense. You use technology to simplify and engage and working with parents (as account holders, through the app?) to guide their children towards becoming better savers, money users and money understanderers - almost a loose finanical literacy curriculum.

Parents become the teachers; Xinja just happens to help enable it. You can then start doing cool stuff, eg. Who can save more this month, the parent or the child?

My comments here are more related to a younger child having an “account” under their parents. For very much older children, you still want to push the intrinsic, but you could notch the learning up slightly and gamify a little more, while still not requiring them to “log in” every day.

I just thought of a really good product name for it too.

Now… where is my shiny gold star icon?

[I hope this makes any sort of sense…]


I would expect the account to have both child and parent names - child as account holder with parent as a controller - the same as how Dollarmites was done back in the day (Showing my age).

I would not have a daily login requirement but I would have the rewards system. Gold star systems have survived schools due to their benefits even though they impact negatively on some children due to the lack of gold stars leading to a sense of exclusion. However, banking in a individual thing and I believe that there is nothing there to motivate kids to save these days. Yes, it is the parents responsibility to teach their children about saving but if a system has worked well in teaching for such a long time then I am sure parents could use it to help teach their children to save.
@yogi my school did not have stars but I remember my year one teacher used to give out jelly beans for correct answers and I did really well in that class which happened to be Maths.
I am not saying everyone would use the system and some won’t want to however if I think it would help my kids in learning the benefits of saving then I would. It is an idea that would help me and others teach our kids to save.

Another thing I would recommend in regards to the estimated interest numbers is you could also show what the person would miss out on when withdrawing. I personally might have hesitated taking out $10,000 from my savings to buy a boat (aka money pit) if I seen a little reminder saying I would miss out on 100’s dollars in interest over time. You could have users set their estimated interest notes preferences. E.g. I would like mine to display estimated interest gains/losses for deposits/withdrawals to the date I plan to retire.

All of these are just ideas flying out of my head - some will be useful, some will not :slight_smile:


@Bookman again I love the idea of showing the estimated interest a person may miss out on when withdrawing / spending money. Say for example one was saving for a holiday, they could set it for the amount of time until the trip. As you said, setting the time frame for estimated gains / losses until retirement could be another one. This could also be communicated proactively - “Congratulations, you accumulated XXX interest this month. Would you like to make an extra payment on XXXX?” or “Now you’ve earned that weekend away you’ve been saving for. Woohoo! #spoilyourself

(I’m also just brain dumping!)


This is a cool idea.

Rhetorically, how can you use gamification concepts to introduce new or differing perspectives to a common bank interaction.