Which Xinja product or feature are you most looking forward to?


Really like this idea…


Thanks Dylan,
I think the hardest thing anyone has with saving is managing it.
I personally suffered poor saving efforts for many years until I got into the barefoot investor concept which is really just automation where I don’t have to think about it. If it was not for that automatic savings I would never have been able to invest in Xinja - that proves the value in so many ways to me.

@tracpants I agree, no point doing it if it is already supported. I will look into using Apple Pay to reduce my wallet space - thanks for the tip!


I just brought myself the barefoot investor!

I’m finishing:

Intelligent investor


How to win friends and influence people.



Oh and Apple Pay is awesome.

I use it with Macquarie Bank.



I’ve linked cards to both my iPhone when I had one and now my android, I always forget its there and pull out my wallet.

It has been a life saver though when I’d forgotten my wallet.


I ve already some experience using Revolut and N26, and in my modest opinion the core features of a neo bank should be:

  • comprehensive card managment : pin number , lock/lost card, maximum amount to spend…
  • instant notification (push/emails) on any usage of the card (debit, credit,fail etc…): with management interface
  • no fees when using the card (local and oversea)
  • free atm ( with limitation on the number of withdrawals)
  • categorisation of usage ( groceries / holiday etc)
  • vipisation : black or gold version with monthly cost but no fees at all.
  • clear distinction between debit/credit
  • strong security (touch id, 2 factors etc.)

And others stuff like :

  • split bills
  • instant money transfert between xinja members
  • automatic transfert between saving account and everyday account ( no fail rule for payment …

Ok, no more ideas for now :slight_smile:


hey @geryloutre Gery - actually there’s a lot in play here…so good knews

card management - yes to pin, card lock, max amount - card replacement via app to follow
instant notificiations - watch this space - should be coming soon - nb: we’vd already added ‘spent today’ at the top - v handy
no fees using card - we’ve just finalised that we are reducing currency conversion fees to zero so yes! No fees!
free atm - done - here and overseas
categorisation - already got that but we’ll go a lot deeper in the next few months
vipisation - in a longer pipeline but with a twist…we think people should be rewarded for better financial behavour…
clear distinction between debit credit - think we have that - do you have a card yet? what do you reckon?
strong security - that is in the pipeline but a few months away - currently is via email verification
split bills - next month
instant money transfer between xinjas - starting with xinjas and non xinjas (numbers) then both
automatic transfers - in the pipeline but probably for the transaction account (2019 assuming we get a banking licence)

Great stuff! Thanks very much!


This is super smart - very good twist. Potentially adds a positive unexpected to a banking experience.


Great news for the zero fees on atm and currency conversion !
Great news for the instant notification coming soon…
Great news for the twist on vipisation!
Great news for the split bill !
Great news for all the other stuff coming
Everything is great at Xinja so far :slight_smile:

yes I have the card, this is “great”! :grin:
I love the founder version it makes me feel special and a full member of the xinja shareholders community :sunglasses:
it works smoothly for me.
I couldn’t test the credit line yet but I ll try thru Google service as they charge 1 dollars to test de card then give it back.

I know you are still developing and improving the app but here few feedbacks :

  • I m not a fan of the loading page, because it is waiting to have all the elements before showing something… the spin wheel is nice but it will be better if the static content load before and then you have the data popping up steadily as the application charges the lines. (is it clear ?mm … yep… I ve been working on web applications for 18 years btw :relaxed: )
  • I would love to have something a bit less colored (the background too flashy maybe …)
    this is just my opinion, may be it s not reflecting the majority…

thanks for having taken the time to read me ! :grin:


Thanks so much @geryloutre - this all gets passed back into the designers - very useful!


Still have not heard anything on my founder card - no updates or anything :frowning:


Hey @Bookman! Happy FriYAY and thanks for reaching out. I believe Kat has been in touch with you? :slightly_smiling_face:
If you have any issues with receiving the card, don’t hesitate to contact us Xinjarati! :man_cartwheeling:


I’ve literally switched banks 3 times in the past 3 weeks, checking to see how smaller banks are compared with big ones, and wasn’t pleased with what I found. For what they did well in terms of fees and customer service they failed with the app and the features they offered vs the big 4. Specifically, lack of fingerprint login/biometric login, lack of ability to open accounts in the app, lack of ability to re-order the accounts in the app (i.e. have them appear in a certain order), and notably slower to actually login/load than big 4 bank apps. If you include those features you’ll definitely have my patronage when you do become a bank :smiley:

Also, having a “cardless cash” feature for when your card is lost is a big one. The ability to disable the card if it is lost, and still use your phone for tap payments is crucial.


Kat sorted it all in minutes - great job and support team! :smiley:


Hooray! Great to hear! :grinning:

You guys are the reason we are here so we want to make your life as awesome and easy as possible.


I like where your head is at Tk. I know we’re working towards a lot of cool stuff, but it’s not all going to be ready at the same time. In your eyes, what would you need from day one, and what could you wait for? For example if you had to choose, would you prefer fingerprint login, or in-app account creation? I know we’re definitely working towards Apple pay, but that’s a 2019 thing.


Fingerprint login is definitely a day 1 requirement in my eyes. In app account creation isn’t as crucial because there’s an alternative. I use Android though, so I’d love to know if/when Google Pay is on the roadmap/planned too!


I’m really looking forward to getting another card. When I signed up I thought it was solely a mobile banking solution… And then I find out I have to wait for a card… Just what I need :joy:


Android is definitely before Apple pay, so that’s more of an early 2019 thing. I’m right there with you man, I bought an old iPhone 6 just so I could test out the Xinja app :joy: worth it. They’re like $120 these days.


Have you been in touch with our customer service peeps AKA Xinjerati? I’d be more than happy to see where your card is at if you want to private message me your email?