Which Xinja product or feature are you most looking forward to?


That’s the thing… I don’t want another card.
I thought this platform would eliminate the need for a card.


No probs! The card is more of a vehicle for you to try out Xinja and see what we’re all about, as we work towards our banking license. It’s a great tool to control your spending (if you have trouble with that sort of stuff like myself). I know we’re working towards Apple pay and the like, which will allow you to do away with cards to some extent!


Trust me, you’ll not be hating on yourself for having this card.


It is a great tool for controlling spending… and even for having a little privacy on what the spending is for! As a married woman, with joint everything, it is nice to give myself a ‘me budget’ at the beginning of a week and not need to explain it… Trapeze class anyone??


@burning_in_shadows Please do contact us Xinjarati at any time! We want to help in any way we can.

As @SocialXinja mentioned, the card is just the beginning and we are working on new features all the time. We want you, however, to have an awesome experience start to finish. We want to be available to hear any feedback you have and hopefully make your life easier in the process. :sunglasses:


That’s what I’m talking about. I like it!


Apple Pay and Osko - will you have these on day one when you launch your transaction account.

Also quick question - I was just reading about pre-paid card on the ASIC website and it says they are not protected by the government guarantee that you get when you place funds with a bank. Are Xinja finds protected ?


Hey T,

Thanks for the question; assuming by ‘government guarantee’ you mean the Government guarantee on Deposit Accounts under the APRA Financial Claims Scheme - (google APRA APS 910 if you want more information.)

The Xinja prepaid product is not captured by APS 910 and hence there is no government guarantee on the funds, as they are not technically a ‘Deposit’.

In saying that, obviously Xinja has robust security controls in place and we are building our systems to be bank grade. Xinja is not a bank yet but working with regulators to become one. So your prepaid funds are as safe as we can make them.

Once we do become a bank, we will likely move those prepaid customers (that want to) over to a Deposit account, and then these will be ‘protected accounts’.

Apologies for the technical answer, but you asked a really good question! Please feel free to ask more questions if the above doesn’t make sense.


SocialXinja (Max)


I can up you…
5 banks 18 months.

Best was ME Bank.
Worst ANZ
Didn’t try NAB


Push notifications would be a great idea whenever transactions are made on the account.


Dude that’s so many banks! What were the best and worst parts??


My paypal has started doing that and I freakin love it.


It mostly came down to customer relationship and definitely the technology.

Best bit was learning all the platforms and how to integrate into a system like Xero accounting.

Also learning exactly where the big 4 were in their technology customer journeys… some are a long way off what a minimum expectation would be today.

Worst bits were;

The tech (in most cases)

The relationship managers attitudes, most were not genuinely interested in fostering a long term relationship with my goals and interests in mind…

For me, it reinforces the need for a true old style Personal Banker… Working collectively in the customers interest, not just stopping at product sign up and definitely not solely about # of products that could be flogged.

So in the end I actually sold all my bank shares and went back to the start. . CBA (tech platform) and added Macquarie Group.

Had a very salesy feel to it all. :face_with_head_bandage:

I think the overall worst thing was lighting my credit record on fire. :tired_face::sob:


100% man, feeling like I’m getting sold to by my bank is what made me rain hell down on Virgin Credit. I told them a minimum of 10 times that I wasn’t interested in increasing my credit limit and they kept sending me emails and letters. It was disgusting behaviour and once I escalated as high as it could go without going to court; they sent me an apology, put it down to poor call centre training, and gave me three months interest free. It’s this kinda of lame "pass the buck"attitude that Xinja will help in putting a stop to. For sure.


I recently switched from CBA and couldn’t believe their annoying sales tactics, and how much of a hassle it was contacting the call centre, and being referred to a branch and then being told in branch that I had to call the call centre to close my account. Nobody knew the process for closing an account??

And then at the end I was asked “So do you currently have a mortgage? We can get you a really good rate”.

It’s definitely important that a bank listens to its customers and doesn’t hassle or force sales on them, or play retention games.

Edit: That reminds me, getting back on topic, it would be awesome in the future if Xinja could do CHESS sponsored shares for share trading, like CommSec does. Would be great for those who want to do share trading with ease.


Two factor auth, should be like on this forum, generated by an App. SMS is NOT reliable.


We use Authy for that exact purpose. Great thought.


Casually letting you know they can get you a good rate is classic soft-touch sales; which I definitely think has no place in banking. Do you want this snickers for only an extra 50 cents? Yes I do. Do you want to casually switch mortgage providers? No thanks champ. What’s CHESS sponsored shares? I am alllll for easy trading.


Authy, hmm, most people use Google Authenticator or I like OTP Auth for IOS. Let’s you create folders of them, if you have a lot of 2FA, like I do.


I think the app would be a great place to get some simple prompts:

  1. electricity bill is paid - prompt to check you are on the cheapest plan - https://www.energymadeeasy.gov.au/
  2. health insurance is paid - prompt to check you are on the cheapest/best plan -https://www.privatehealth.gov.au/
  3. identify regular small purchases (e.g. coffee). Estimate how much could be saved in a year.

I try to review all my insurance and energy and similar plans at least once per year. Sometimes it is just having your expenses pointed out that can trigger a reconsideration.

As has already been discussed, I’d like to see roundups as a savings feature.