Which Xinja product or feature are you most looking forward to?


I’ve mentioned this on another topic, but it bears repeating here.

To date we’ve been discussing features like they are just implemented and that is that.

But what if Xinja takes a more research/experimental focus and invites members to test drive new features and uses data to determine if the features actually helped a) improve savings b) reduce costs, c) increases financial confidence.

If my banking app invited me to participate in a 6-month trial with the goal of increasing savings, i’d do it. Especially if I got a really interesting report at the end which summarised the impact on me, but also more broadly to other members.

There is a tendency in digital apps to do the experimenting without the expression permission of the users. But i’ve learned from the health area that engaging participants knowingly in the trial of new ideas, that there is a willingness and curiousity. Banking apps seem like an obvious place to do such experiments.


Yep 100%, I think it comes down to context, so if you can include the customer in the journey somehow, it might not feel like such a one sided thing.


For me a one time virtual card number would be nice. Maybe put a limit on the amount and expiry.


Mastercard played around with adding this functionality to their physical debit cards about 5 years ago. Very interesting concept


hahaha I’m right there with you; Apple pay is coming! 2019, hopefully early 2019 (fingers crossed)

  1. Apple pay
  2. Some kind of game type rewards for reaching some savings goals
  3. Some way to summarize and categorize purchases, so you can have a straight forward summary weekly/fortnightly/monthly/annually


1 and 3 are definitely coming!

Tell me more about this game… I love the idea of gamified savings.

Would it be simple; like a fitness app, where you are awarded badges or achievements for savings, in fun and animated ways?

Or would it be complex; like when you’ve deposited money into your savings account, there’s a literal ‘game’ aspect you have to play to increase your interest rate, or get some kind of ‘deposit match’?


Got a Cheque in the mail today- super retro. Will you offer Cheque deposits by mail, when you get banking license?
BTW 3 days to access funds from a bank Cheque is so antique, do you strive to improve on that?


I personally like the idea of badges, achievements, and level ups. Perhaps even an opt-in leaderboard with friends and family.


Used my Xinja card overseas last week. The refund was nice but didn’t help with the 2% fee the hotel charges for using a Visa card nor did it help with the $15 fee the ATM charged me. The $1000 max was also a limiting factor.


Gamification is something a lot of existing financial institutions have looked into. Doing it through investments and savings can be a great way to achieve. Things like Weeks since withdrawing from savings accounts, continual deposits into savings.
Others have looked at gamifying risk profile questionnaires for investments as well. Could also look to gamify actual investment performance.


Are you angry???


Qantas Points would be ideal!


Hey @brett - noted - we have discussed this - however we’re also discussing quite different approaches to rewards/points etc as we think there might be ways of delivering better returns…