Who are our Non-Execs?

Hi @xinja_community

Considering we are voting this month on a significant pay rise increase for our non-execs it would be great to learn about who they are and what they are doing for Xinja?

Lindley Edwards
Craig Swanger
Stephen Garner
Thomas Vikstrom

Thank you!

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Hey @Bookman good point! Not sure if you read the blog we wrote about Lindley our chair early on - which gives you a fairly good picture of her: The Minimalist Banker
and you might also like to read this recent piece on Thomas in the AFR: From Tesla to Xinja - there are bios on our team page as well for all 4. Craig & Stephen have been with Xinja from the very early days. Lindley is our Chair, Craig is an expert in investment and advising fintechs about structuring, Thomas (as a founder engineer of Tesla) is very close to our tech team and advises them, Stephen represents large group of Xinja shareholders. :slightly_smiling_face: