Who has received their new banking account with the new app? Immediate thoughts?

I’ve recently gained access to the new app and my sparkly new bank account. I’m still waiting on my card, but I figured it’d be a good idea to start a thread so people can see there is movement and for people to talk about their thoughts.

A few of my first impressions are (TLDR: A prettier looking app, but still a Beta version):

  1. The loading animations seem to overlap and repeat on first log in (Xinja X, the looking around loading emoji and the touch id modal) and a bit of screen flicker as it works it all out.

  2. The splash screen on minimizing and maximizing the app is a bit jarring, it just needs a little bit of ease-in/ease-out with a fade.

  3. The app generally looks and feels more polished. Nice turning animation of the card. Shadow accents on buttons and sliders. There are some issues, but generally good.

  4. I quite like the slight gradients of colours rather than the flat block, although I don’t necessarily dislike the flat block colours.

  5. There is no real added functionality. I’m guessing this is being worked on.

  6. I sent money via bank transfer from Up to my new Xinja account. It says it will take 3-5days to arrive. I assume that is something that is being worked on.

  7. Instant top-up was fairly instant after connecting my debit card but I do have to write my CVV number each time which means it’s harder to top up my card if I’m out. I have to either remember my cvv for that card or bring the card with me, in which case, why not just use that card. There is also a bit of screen flicker during this process and it shows the mastercard id check processing in the background, which seems like it could be hidden from user.

  8. Repetitiveness of having card and balance at the top for transactions/card/account tabs. It takes up so much of the screen in transactions you can only see two transactions on first open.

  9. There is a disconnect of how the card is shown (landscape) in app and how it is apparently going to be orientated when I receive it (according to your fb page, it is portrait orientated).

  10. I’m asked for my passcode. I’d personally rather I had the option to use touchID to login, just like when I unlock my phone. I’d also prefer the option for a 4digit passcode rather than 6, I can then use my pin as my passcode like some of my other banking apps.

  11. I can’t paste an account number when I go to send money.

My overall feel is that it’s visually a step up from the old app. Functionality is still lacking with nothing really extra added. If you haven’t gained access to the new app, you’re not missing out on much… yet! I’m guessing all the bells and whistles are in the pipeline and hopefully plentiful of regular weekly updates. There are a couple of negative reviews on the iOS app store due to the waiting times, I hope people don’t finally get the app and think “What the hell, why did I wait so long? There’s nothing here.”. I’m not sure I’d blame them though.

I’ll probably add an update in this thread after I receive my card.


I concur with the lack of functionality, even compared to the original Xinja app. Unfortunately I was also promised that the new app would have a lot of things I’ve been waiting for, and now that I got it, none of it is there.

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Hi @Ka_Coffiney and @lilmeh - thanks for your feedback! The detail is really useful. Some of these points are in, some not so will make sure they’re already added to the list. Yes -for first customers the functionality is limited. We are doing bi weekly releases at the moment so you will see improvements - some minor as per tweaks and some more significant. Watch out for one on 15th Oct in particular, or around that time.

As to the 3-5 days for bank transfer, that’s controlled by the other bank (not us) - sometimes it can be faster but it’s just the speed of a standard bank transfer. Instant top up gets around that.

We are gathering all the feedback on security features. The reality is, there is a conflict between being frictionless and having enough security…this is an increasing problem. We take security very seriously so there will be some things that could potentially annoy some people (although this varies -sometimes you get people complaining that there isn’t enough…). So 6 digit passcode for example we recommend, and we don’t recommend your reusing pin as your passcode.

Quick run thru of @Ka_Coffiney’s points:

  1. Will double check the overlaps - knew about the flicker.
    2 , 3 & 4 - noted - ta!
    5 & 6 as per above
  2. CVV is a security piece…we ran it like this for prepaid. I will add this to the security features feedback which are all getting a review. All these flickers are noted.
  3. Yes - already got this - looking at the design of this screen at the mo.
  4. Yes - looking at that as part of 8
  5. See anbove
  6. That’s a bug we’re on.

People are reacting negatively to the waitlist as you say but there are reasons you can’t go to an indefinite number of people with a brand new bank (to do more with the back end) so we have been cautious. However, we’re going much faster now and aiming to accelerate thru in the hopes of clearing the waitlist by or in first week of Nov.

Thanks guys - keep’em coming and look out for next release next week.



Xinja is NPP ready? This will speed up money transfer.


Nice and simple!
Only 2 things - 1st is just in case it’s happened to others. Set up account, all finalised, account showed and so I logged out. Went to log back in and the app is sending me back to “open your new account”. Issue is logged with tech support.
2nd - trying to edit preferred name in the app. When I click on edit, the number pad shows up, instead of letters.

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You’re able to edit preferred name in the app? I can’t - and when I went to during setup, it logged me out! When I logged back in set up had been completed but I can’t change it :smiley:

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You’re able to use instant top-up? I can’t find the button for mine (EMUI 9.1 based on Android 9 - Huawei P30 Pro)… And I just checked again, can’t see it anywhere.
My points so far:

  • Yeah, the balance and card image on every tab is a little repetitive. Perhaps:
    • move it above the tabs and have it “scroll away” when you scroll down/interact with other items; or
    • just have the “available balance” at the top above the tabs (as well as the account name - I hope the ability to edit this is coming soon!), remove the card image from the “Transactions” and “Account” tabs, and remove the “current balance” from the card tab? Since the card only cares about available and not current balance
  • I’ve had no flickering issues (but then, Android. OP mentioned “TouchID” which I think is the Apple terminology)
  • I also have fingerprint (again, maybe Android vs iOS/iPadOS)
  • I think the Mastercard in the background during instant transfer (which I had on the prepaid card) might not be possible to hide since my previous bank used to randomly use that page to ask security questions (about every 5th transaction, but not consistently every 5th if that makes sense)
  • I also can paste the account number it seems (but I haven’t actually tried pasting BSB, changing app, copying account number, changing back - have only just got money in the account today!)

All I’m hoping for is a quick release of BPAY and saving bank transfer accounts/BPAY details - then I’ll be set to say goodbye to my old bank (well, that and savings, but with interest rates so low and me being so young I’m more keeping savings in low-risk investments with easy access…)

Few things to highlight so far:

  • I had/have issues with setting my preferred name. Went through the whole account set up process, went to change my preferred name and got kicked out. Went through a second time and account all set up, nice and easy but preferred name is blank and no option to change without getting in contact with Xinja directly which seems a little silly!

  • Also cannot see the instant top up button anywhere (running Android 9 on Huawei Mate 20 Pro)

  • Also had one error in terms of server contact which kicked me out of the app and required another email sign in situation but otherwise looks swish. Just echo others that say the functionality isn’t there as yet.

  • I did like the option to copy paste my bank details to share though, something that is often needed but few (or any that I know of) offer as a basic function in their apps. :slight_smile:


I know! So few banks allow copy+paste of your details…
Ah, so yours kicked you to set-up again did it? Mine when I logged in again after trying to edit preferred name had my account and main screen, and lose the last set-up page
But yeah, not being able to update the preferred name seems a little odd (although I do think the other details not being updatable through the app makes sense - security and all that)

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Agreed, I don’t want anyone to be able to change those details easily!

Oh! Trying to switch my secondary job’s payments over to Xinja is proving fun - they apparently need branch details (:laughing:).
They are working on it though, but they are a much smaller group than my normal job so hopefully I can ask for a copy of the details off them and make my normal job’s transition that much quicker!
Also, ATO accepts bank account details, but Medicare doesn’t.

Not that Xinja can do anything about any of those :grin:

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One thing I totally forgot to mention and was the original reason I came here, was that I did love the presentation of the bank card itself. I won’t spoil the surprise for others but it was just a really nice touch!

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@chrisbingo @propoke24

Yes, I’m on an iphone7 running 12.4.1.
The instant top-up for me is a floating button in the bottom right hand corner labelled Pay & Transfer when the app is first opened. Selecting it gives me two options Send Money and Instant Top Up. Maybe they’ve neglected to add it into Android, a little oversight?

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I haven’t received access yet. I am interested in checking it out but I also don’t mind waiting. I am pretty happy with my current banking app at the moment.

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Hi Ram - we are NOT NPP ready but of course instant payments is a priority - we’ll confirm when - meanwhile, you can top up your account instantly using a card. :ninja_emojis_pink_03:

Hey @Tinytuppins - thanks so much for that and for logging first issue - keypad issue also known - working on fixes for these. Thanks again!!! :ninja_emojis_pink_03:

Hey @chrisbingo thanks so much for the feedback!!!Preferred name - got that - and added to the list. As to instant top up, yes it’s not in android yet BUT aiming for next week (early) - both instant top up AND google pay…:ninja_emojis_pink_03:

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Thanks @chrisbingo - cheque’s in the post :_ninja_emojis_lilac_01: (Like we’d send a cheque!)

Hey @propoke24 thanks for that - yes have logged the preferred name and lost page issues !

Hi again @propoke24 - need to do some more research on how many employers need branch info…When you say Medicare - what trouble are you having there? Thanks so much for the feedback!! Cam :_ninja_emojis_lblue_01: