Whole of bank interest offset


Ok so crazy idea here :brain:

Follow me steps and see if this isn’t just a crazy idea :crazy_face: :arrow_right:

:one:. Imagine if Xinja took every day the end of day balance across all transaction and savings accounts

:two:. Then imagine Xinja ranked all interest bearing products top to bottom by APR and balance

:three:. Then imagine if Xinja offset interest from the top down the highest interest bearing products against what was held on deposit

:four:. And only charged the net.

Like your entire position with the bank, gave you the best deal, automatically.

Pretty unbanky. Just a crazy idea for a Tuesday. :thinking:


Don’t know if it’s possible… but I like it!!
If that’s not proactively working in your customers favour then I don’t know what is.,. :thinking:


Hey @weeksy_j & @DylanJ not so crazy at all…we have been jamming on this! @BlueSky_Xinja fyi!!!



Props for an excellent meme choice here @8rett. Love it. Also love that there are futurama fans amongst the Xinja cohort.