Why is the card image on every screen still

Like the title says. Why is the card still there
You keep saying ui improvements but I don’t see much change

And this card takes up so much space that could be better used

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Hi @Nickelslol

Actually we’ve redesigned it like this and I was talking this morning about getting it into the production line - pulling in the first 3 transactions makes it not a tiny job plus we’ve reduced the size of the card everywhere - so it’s a bit of rework. We’ve made it smaller on the home page and the transaction page - see this - what do you think?


That’s so much better. Definitely headed in the right direction there

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Thanks for your response, that’s Much better!

I still don’t understand why you want the card showing on the transactions screen at all

Have it on the “view account” bit but after that I know what the card looks like just give me more account information :wink:

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one word:

Haha but seriously it’s a matter of taste and personally I like the card showing there because it plays the role of the account’s icon. Same thing occurs in Apple Pay Wallet when you view transactions there under each card.


I am LOVING the redesign in those screenshots. I too personally like the card displaying.
Also, the treasure chest icon/logo/image for the stash account looks brilliant. Cannot wait for those accounts to be released!


I’m personally a fan of seeing my card in the app. I wouldn’t be opposed to having the card take up less room though, but I’m also not desperate for it.

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Belated thank you @TwoShots30 and welcome! We’ve just launched stash to staff…and it’ll go to everyone in January. :ninja_emojis_pink_03: