Will stash interest rate change

With yesterday’s rba interest rate cut, will Xinja be changing interest rate earned on the stash account ?

Hiya @Elle while the 2.25% rate on the Xinja Stash savings account is variable, I haven’t heard of plans to change it.

We will continue to monitor the cash rate and make that decision appropriately. If we do make a change, we will give customers a heads up before it happens.


Hi @xinja_blair the app says its 2.25% but im assuming that is with the bonus interest, is it just deposit $1000 a month into either bank account or stash account and you get the bonus interest? What is the interest if we dont transfer the $1k?

Hiya @allstaraussie and welcome to this Xinja Community :boom:

Good news, there are no hoops to jump through for our interest rate.

Important note before anything else, we are not currently opening any new Stash accounts. Stash is likely to reopen to new accounts mid-year but this is not definite.
If you already have a Stash account, nothing has changed for your account

So, back to your question, our 2.25% pa is not an introductory offer (available only for the first X months) or combination of base rate + a bonus rate dependent on you shifting money around or spending money (as you often have with other savings accounts). The rate is the same if you have $20 or $200k in your Stash account.

You can hold up to $245,00 across your Xinja transaction and saving accounts.

If you want more details, check out our page with all things Stash but essentially:

  • Earn 2.25% interest on balances up to $245K with no strings
  • No intro period
  • No min deposits / payments

While we’d love to see people using the debit card as their daily transaction card, we don’t tie this to the interest you can earn.

Let me know if you have any other questions :upside_down_face:


Thanks so much @xinja_blair also would xinja be looking to branch out into business loans and accounts? I was looking at purchasing a animal boarding establishment so the house and business are sold as one, i did get a breakdown but negotiations have stalled.

Hi @allstaraussie!

Business loans aren’t on the cards for us at this point, so many other goodies to deliver first! I’m imagining Hotel for Dogs and I’m pretty jealous :cat2: :bird: :dog2: :dog:

I’ll keep an eye out for when you do :slight_smile: yeah pretty much hotel for dogs…and cats…and rabbits…took care of a spoilt rooster once he was lovely.

@xinja_blair - Any update on the Stash interest rate now that we’re at the end of April? I’m asking because I am considering transferring a decent amount into my Stash if the rate remains 2.25% (wouldn’t want to bother with transferring the funds in and back out if the rate is going to drop soon.) :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, since Xinja has shown itself to be very innovative with its handling of Stash accounts and interest rates… rather than cutting interest rates across the board (if that is being considered), do you think Xinja might consider offering tiered interest rates?

@XinjaBoi. The interest rate is already tiered - from the website
0-50k 2.25%
50-245k 2.25%
250k n/a

It’s just that they are currently paying the same for the first two tiers and zero on the third. No idea what happens between $245k and $250k. Or if you have $245k and earn interest given max balance is $245k

I’d suggest you view the 2.25% as a marketing intro rate. It would be highly unlikely to continue if they open up the stash account again because Xinja would have a $1b in deposits in no time and that would be a massive unplanned monthly loss to them. That’s why they closed it. To reduce monthly losses. I’d suggest they didn’t reduce The rate because a outflow of deposits would be a bad look when courting new investors.

So should you put money in Xinja - yes - you can always quickly move it out if and when they reduce. However if you view the 2.25% as a marketing special why not chase the best marketing special which is currently Macquarie at 2.65% just remember to make a not to move the Money when the rate drops after 3 months.

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Hey @XinjaBoi,

The situation is still as described previously in this thread :arrow_heading_down:

Unfortunately we can’t make any guarantees of exactly how long or in what ways the Stash rate might change. Hope you find a nice home for those savings :house_with_garden:


Thanks @anon42385786 and @xinja_blair for your replies. :slightly_smiling_face:


Really disappointed to see the interest rate drop to 1.80%. Was hoping/expecting Xinja would do better. Will be shifting back to ING with the same rate.

Been great but time to move on.


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Hey @sammm, already replied to you on another thread but I’m just going to pop it here for anyone else who is wondering.

As I said earlier the 2.25% was nothing more than a marketing special. A trick used by the big banks to get attention and rapidly grow deposits. It was never going to stay that high.

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Hi @anon42385786 it was the same rate as competitors a the time. So they were doing the same thing you’re accusing us of do you think? The digital banks are holding higher rates than the big 4 as you can see. Does that make then all ‘marketing specialists’ or why the differential?