Withdrawal of funds difficult

I wanted to withdraw a large sum of money today above my 20k limit to throw into the share market so after waiting a while on hold got thru and provided details to contact centre operator.

I was told a Manager would call to authorise the transaction, market has now closed and just crickets from Xinja.

How long does it take to make a 5 minute phone call. You guys have to do better I withdrew a larger sum from 86400 bank and it hit my Commsec account in minutes.

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Hi @Ninja sorry you had some issues withdrawing this afternoon. Can you DM me some of your details so we take a look into this?

don’t rely on 1 bank always diversify

wow pity you wasn’t around when he was trying to get his 20K out, before the share market closed!!!

But good lesson for us other customers, If we need get large sums out, What to expect.

I finally got a call after 5PM, money went into external account later in the evening.

Obviously missed out on buying some shares but will see how the new day goes.

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Glad it’s resolved now @Ninja, really sorry it was a slow and clunky process for you - we do have some changes coming to the set up that will make this a little easier in the future but we’re not quite there yet :rocket:

I wanted to take large sum as well rang just after 2pm and still waiting at 6.45pm this is really slack doesn’t inspire confidence at all

Hiya @Aussietommy and welcome to the Xinja Community!

I can take a look into this first thing in the morning if it hasn’t been resolved yet, can you DM me some more details. Usually you should hear back from them before the end of the day, sorry if our Xinjarati haven’t been in contact yet!

Thank you, it’s 7.12pm Queensland time and I have just been contacted by a representative and she has just processed my transfer. Your representative was very professional and pleasant, however this delay is really bad . You need to streamline the funds transfer when amounts exceed $20k. You are a digital bank surely you can implement checks and balances and system to allow people to do this themselves without involving your hardworking staff . Thanks Tom

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