Wont work for me

I have android 6 on my phone and I cant download the app.
does that mean i have to buy a new phone sounds riddiculous.

I can update to ver 7 but have no idea how to do this sounds way to risky and complex for me.

why dont they just have a website and everyone can go there.

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Hello and welcome to the Xinja Community @teraus :balloon::tada::balloon: I believe we support android 6 and the later android OS versions, though not rooted devices. Can I ask what device you’re using?

I have a 3 year old Oppo and a 18 month old Telstra prepay android and an old iPad . None work ! Out of desperation I used Bluestacks4 on my PC to create my account !!! ( Bluestacks4 is a virtual android phone on a PC )

Android 6 is not supported on the current full bank app. It was supported on the earlier prepaid app.

You will need to update at some stage to bank with Xinja.

Source: Personal experience.

so what do i have to do short of buying a new phone, all sounds a bit silly to me.
your target audience are the more younger people with all these new expensive phones
I am a senior with a slightly older phone and cannot open an account simply because my android v6 is not supported. welcome to the new world Its just great.

Digital only banks aren’t going to suit everyone’s needs and that’s ok.

Apologies - it turns out we are only supporting Android 7 and later. As @yogi said, we supported Android 6 for our previous app (for the prepaid card) but not for the new app. Very sorry to disappoint @teraus and @palmplex.
It was in the Play Store details but we realise this is irritating. Currently in Australia, about 5% of Android users are on v6 (according to https://gs.statcounter.com/android-version-market-share/mobile-tablet/australia).

We hope you will consider us when you do upgrade, but understand you might not want to do that immediately :arrows_counterclockwise:

can you please tell me will the android 9 go version work ok with the bank app.

I have to get a new phone but the go version works on light application apps.

i need to know before buying.

I’m not 100% @teraus but I don’t believe so, I’ll try to chase down a definite answer for you. Just to confirm you’re referring to Lite applications - those that use less data and less reception generally to run?

is there any user out there that runs the bank app on a android go version.