Xinja Annual Report

Will Xinja be publishing its annual report on the Xinja website ? I can see on another forum that Banking Day are quoting it. I like the transparency of other Neo banks Judo and 86400 who have both published theirs on their respective websites.

@xinjalotto any thoughts on above question ?

Hi @John2 sorry for slow response - we only sent out the annual report to investors a couple of days ago and a few are going snail mail. We’ll make a decision on whether we just add it openly on the website this week - not certain but we may.

Not sure it needs a lot of thought. To my mind just basic transparency and good governance. All the big banks make theirs available on their websites (and surely Xinja would not want a lower standard than the big banks) plus your fellow neo banks 86 400 and Judo have published their annual reports. Thanks