Xinja app in the App Store


The first version of the app - to go with the prepaid card - is in the App Store and being tested by early Founding Xinja beta testers & it’s being rolled out to the waitlist.


Any chance that the iOS app will be available on the US Store in due course? Not everyone uses the Australian store :frowning:


Not in the near future but that is definitely on our horizon, I know the business is keen to expand to the US but I believe other markets will come first. Would it be possible to use the Australian iTunes in the mean time?


Ah okay thanks. The issue is that I (and I assume many other users?) use the US store because it has all the content faster than the Australian store - particularly in terms of video content. So while I have lived in South Africa, Germany and now in Australia, my iTunes/iStore/AppStore account has always been US. If I switch stores to download, I need to change my address and then when I return to US store, I fear the app will not work. Anyway - it’s probably only a few users impacted so not worth it for you at this stage.


Ahhh I see what you mean! In that case yeah probably not for a while.

If you have a 2nd email address/2nd credit card you could potentially start a 2nd iTunes account if you’re keen to get started?


You can create a 2nd email and then create a new Apple ID using that address and link it to the AU App Store. You don’t need a credit card on file so long as you are only getting free apps and no IAPs. You will need an AU address though, but that can be fake if needed. Once you have all of that, go to Settings on your phone, down to iTunes and App Store, click your ID and log out and sign in with the new AU ID. Search for and download the app(s) you are wanting. When done, just log back in with your usual ID. When there is an update for an AU app, it may ask you to sign in with the AU ID, just enter the password and it will work. I have mine setup this way and my Vodafone and Menulog apps update just fine and all my US apps still function as they should. I have a link to a site that details all these steps out more if you need it, I’m just mobile at the moment and don’t have it handy.


Very handy, thanks for the advice!!!