Xinja expanding to India and Malaysia

Would be great to hear more about Xinja’s plan to launch in India and Malaysia and your new partnership with a Indian developer to create lending products ( assume this is for the personal loans being launched this quarter and home loans next). Very exciting - what more can you tell us please ?

:wave:@T_Armer , actually this is a bit of a furphy! We’ve got no plans to expand into Malaysia or India specifically. We’re still trying to expand into Australia! Just a misunderstanding when one of our staff responded to a question about Malaysia and India, by saying Xinja would one day love to be able to expand overseas. Meanwhile, we are partnering with Zeal (EpikIndifi in Asia) to build our loans platform - and yes, loans are on the cards for 2020 per our roadmap. We’re working on personal loans launching in the April - June quarter.
There’ll be more Xinja excitement (for Aussies) over the next few weeks, so stay tuned - you guys will be the first to know! :wink:

Staff ? You mean your deputy CEO ? Suggest you reach out to them and get it corrected.

you can’t even get the facts straight it was your duty CEO!
here is the full story