Xinja gets full banking licence & launches bank accounts!

We are really stoked to announce that the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), has granted Xinja Bank Authorised Deposit-Taking Institution status – aka a full banking licence (you can read the full press release here).

AND we’ve launched our app and bank accounts today, making us the first, independent neobank to do so in Australia. It’s about time Australians had access to a bank designed in their interests.

We’ll be rolling out bank accounts to prepaid card customers and waitlist first, so watch out for your invite, or if you haven’t already, download the app to join the waitlist, and we’ll let you know as soon as you get to the top! It won’t be long.

Let’s go :muscle::laughing:


:champagne: :beers: :wine_glass:

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Awesome work Xinja’s! :partying_face::+1:

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Wow!!! Well done!!!


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Congratulations! A lot of hard work has finally paid off! :beers:


Thank you!!! It’s certainly a VERY exciting day for us all :laughing::partying_face:

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It sure has!!! Thank you Matt :blush:

I (and some others) had this same issue with the prepaid card, but there was an update which resolved it.

The minimum Android version is 7.0 - My phone is still on 6.0 and I’d rather not have to (yet) get a new phone. Is there likely to be an update that makes this workable?


Hi All,

What’s the timeline on email invitations being sent out to the waitlist? Has it started already?



Hey Richard - let me bring this up with the tech team and see what we can do. :blush:

Hi @brett! So we’ll be rolling out to current pre-paid card customers and our wait list over the next couple of months. :blush: :+1:

@xinjalotto months?!?!?! Wow!

Perhaps the comms should be more realistic then. I’ll stop checking my inbox now.


congratulation on getting your banking license XINJA very exciting!

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Hey @brett! We started rolling out to our first customers on Monday when we heard the news we’d received our ADI :partying_face: But as a guide we think it’ll take us a month or so to get through all our existing customers and the wait list. We’re doing this in a steady, measured way to make sure everything’s stable and to allow us to add new features as we go. We’re getting great feedback from the early customers and we’ll be incorporating feedback into releases on an ongoing basis!

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That’s great @xinjalotto.

I was looking forward to watching the product grow organically, but given the roadmap releases are scheduled to roll out in a matter of weeks, my disappointment was around the fact that I now won’t have an account in time to see that happen after being told it could be months before I do.

That info is at odds with your press release, and the info I was given personally by Eric @XinjaMaker . Probably better to be upfront about it.

Thank you! We certainly are VERY excited by the news and what now lies ahead. :blush:

Well done Xinjas. Take the fight to the big boys.


Hey @brett ,
Pretty sure you would be well up the waitlist … Give me a shout over DM’s and we can get this sorted out for you…and please dont worry about missing out on the product growing organically, we expect to be constantly evolving the product on an almost weekly basis for many years to come.
Anyhow drop me a hello over DM and we will sort things out…if its any consolation I only just got my account too!

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Can’t wait. Count me in!!

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This is great news.

Can I also add that I am disappointed that you want to discontinue the pre-paid card. I am very pleased that I can have a pre-paid card (which I can ensure has enough money for my transactions but no more) rather than a credit card for certain online transactions. I was even more pleased with the Xinja offering because I saved money while using it. I will not necessarily use a card linked to an account (or I will have to create a separate account with a limited amount of funds) for those transactions. Please keep the pre-paid account alive so that I can use it alongside my fantastic new Xinja Bank account.

Have to say as others have done that this is great news and I am impressed with the Xinjas.