XINJA - How to delight your customers, stand out amongst your competitors & create wealth for your employees and investors

For Xinja to stand out amongst the neobanks and create an aura of success

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AFTER you have delivered and satisfied the basic requirements of your lovely customers

  • 24/7 reliable banking
  • Easy to use / dummy-proofed user interface
  • Frictionless and secure 2-factor authentication
  • High deposit interest rate
  • No/low fees
  • Withdrawal via ATMs
  • OSKO real-time payment
  • Saved payee details (PayID & BSB/Bank Acc)
  • Automatic bill payments
  • BPay
  • POLi
  • Fast/no-wait customer support, e.g. in-app real-time messaging
  • Payment/withdrawal via credit card (MC/VISA), Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.
  • Auto-sweep between Stash and Bank accounts
  • eStatement download & auto-email (available to customers for eternity)
  • Annual financial year interest statement
  • Transaction data download (options of different formats, CSV, Excel, etc.)
  • Email & SMS notifications - upcoming payments, completed transactions, etc.
  • Self-update of customer information
  • App availability on different platforms and ability to log in from multiple devices
  • Online banking on WWW (PC/MAC)

THEN, wield your :rainbow: ultimate prowess and awesomeness :rainbow: by offering:

Frictionless integration with the wider ecosystem of complementary (online and offline) services.


  • Accounting - e.g. Xero, MYOB, etc.
  • Investing
  • Personal Budgeting

Create customer benefits by integrating with other services and allowing other services to integrate with Xinja

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Your CUSTOMERS will be happy because they 1. make money, 2. save money, 3. save time, 4. have complete control over their finances, and 5. feel like part of the dependable and awesome Xinja Family.

Your EMPLOYEES will be happy because they 1. have built something really awesome (that they delightfully use themselves), 2. are rewarded financially and non-financially for their hard work and loyalty, and 3. feel like part of the dependable and awesome Xinja Family.

Your INVESTORS will be really really happy because not only are they 1. making lots of money from their investments and patience, they are 2. proud to be part of something awesome, created from nothing, and 3. feel like part of the dependable and awesome Xinja Family.


Thanks so much @ContagiousEnthusiasm - we’ve ticked off a few of these already and will be working through much more!!! From basic banking to ecosystem integration.