Xinja-ing in Bosnia & Herzegovina - tips anyone?


This is for @Xan

I plan on going to Bosnia and Herzegovina later this year in November.

I plan on using my low rate Visa card for a few transactions.

Does anyone have any other travel advice for that part of the world or in general?


Have been her for 2 weeks and the card works amazingly. I haven’t had any trouble getting money out.

If there is an atm side fee it will usually tell you before you get money out. (Most atms don’t charge extra.)

It also works great in store with the conversation fee refunded each time.


I will have to mention that the 2 factor authentication using sms when overseas is practically useless. (Not to do with xinja who aren’t implementing this type of 2fa yet)

I can’t do the instant top up from my commbank card due to this reason and I had to wait 3 days for the money to arrive via bank transfer.

So keep your card topped up in advance. Or have friends that can cover your ass. :expressionless: