Xinja-ing in Japan


I have been in the land of the rising sun :jp: for a few days now.

I have been using my visa card everywhere from restaurants to the supermarket and buying train tickets from the ticket machine with no problems at all. :heart_eyes:

I couldn’t get money out at the supermarket like i would in Australia yesterday, So I started my hunt for an ATM. :mag:

I struggled to find one that would accept any of my bank cards. I found success at the family mart (a popular Japanese convenience store) which had a fully disclosed fee of 100 Yen, just over 1 AUD. with the minimum transaction being 10,000 Yen. :man_shrugging:

So far my experience with Xinja as a travel card has been amazing across Europe and now japan. With no hidden fees, currency conversion fee refund and almost universally accepted wherever I go. As always cash does come in handy at smaller establishments.:smile:

If you have any questions or are planning at trip yourself let me know.


Glad you’re having a fab time in Japan with xinja! V V jealous
DM me some photos!

Will reach out if I get to planning a trip to Japan!


Also try Japan Post (during business hours) or 7-11 if you’re on the hunt for more ATMs.


Thanks @workhappens Steve! :ninja_emojis_pink_03:


I found the japan post to be easy to find except for the 200 Yen fee which could be less or non existent. :grinning:


Actually someone said the other day - great that we don’t charge for international ATMs but could we provide a list of local ATMs that don’t charge themselves…tough challenge but we can at least crowdsource here - @Xan what are your recs?


Been touring Japan of late too! It’s awesome being able to use the Xinja card around the place :grin:
One thing I would like though, and I have no idea if it is possible: I really do not like the idea that I can sign for things. I’d ideally like to lock the card so that only PIN works. Any chance of that?
Beyond that, I’m incredibly pleased with the Xinja card! It’s been so useful!


Hello @propoke24 - Thanks for your feedback!! Great to hear Xinja card was useful for you :smiley: :+1: Card PIN was mandated in Australia a few years ago but not all countries adopted this (yet!) - including Japan. So blocking PIN is out of our control until PIN is mandated in that country :frowning_face: But we’ll explore this option when we launch debit cards later this year. In the mean time, you can lock your card in the app until you need to use it to be extra secure.


Re ATMs that don’t charge, what I’ve found in Japan is:

  • Japan Post
  • 7-11
    -AEON Mall

Won’t charge for MasterCard withdrawals, but they will for VISA (which Xinja is). It’s tiered so the max fee is 216yen and the lowest is 108.

AEON did not limit me to withdrawing more than 50,000yen either.