Xinja iOS widget is here!


Really handy little feature! Download the Xinja iOS widget to see your balance & spend without opening the app + quick tap to top up, lock your card, contact Xinjarati or share. Simples! So you can then swipe right for quick access. AND if you tap the Xinja icon and HOLD, all this info comes up! Check out the how to video and LISTEN to da man…he’s not who you think he is…


got it. loving the face that the font is BIG


That was me - poor eyesight - I’m always pushing for bigger font! :slightly_smiling_face:


I love the widget, however (and I’m sure not specific to the widget) is it seems after like a day or two it logs out, I log back in again, a day or two later logged out again, so my widget spends most of the time on “Sign-in to see your balance”


Hey @focused77 Shane - sorry we missed this one! Will get back to you asap!!