XInja IS (grand)dad banking

So… here’s a thought for a future marketing / business perspective thing.

I cannot find the threads on here that relate to this idea, but the basic idea was the advertising campaign was all about “not dad” banking, but there were some older people saying… “why are you excluding us? we’ve got money we want to put somewhere.”

There are a LOAD of older people who regularly and comfortably use their phones and devices. What if the simplicity and fun and safety of Xinja is actually a huge selling point to an older audience, who might be keen to try something new, but familiar.

What about a future marketing campaign that is just… I dunno… pleasant, but maybe a little cheeky against millenials. It shows that an older person can easily set up an account, safely pay bills, send money to grandchildren, etc. On the bus, in the home, wherever they want.

It’s a bit feelgood / emotion tugging, but not overly sappy. eg. a grandchild is showing their grandparent all the latest fancy social media which is totally of no interest to the older person, who is meanwhile calmly and confidently doing their banking on the safe, simple, easy to use, interest earning Xinja service.

At the end of the ad, the grandparent says, “So do you want your pocket / birthday money?”. The grandchild turns their head in shock that they might not be getting it.

Cut to “Xinja. Banking. Safe. Simple. Grandchild/parent friendly”.

Another idea could be two or more older people having an interaction, where one is showing the other/s how to use the app. Like the whole ad is just a short “how easy it is to do banking on your phone with this company” thing.

“Xinja. Safe, simple banking.”

Off the top of my head.


Ohh these sound fun @yogi - and very true, my dad at 71 is far more tech savvy than I am as a millennial! then again, he’s been working with computers for almost 50 years :ninja_emojis_blue_01:

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Same here, 88 and been on computers since the Vic-20


Segmenting society into age groups is not the way a commUNITY can really work most effectively . But marketing people, and others, often think there is an advantage in creating (fake) exclusivity . And that’s OK. Everyone has a point of view and we have an obligation to allow them to express it, even when it may adversely impact others (but not 'endanger" them). No matter how we package it, we all can make it to “(grand) dad” status. Sermon over.

I’m on my journey through my 8th decade and technology continues to be my daily partner in ongoing participation in my commUNITY today. Big deal! Most of us do that. It makes economic sense for me to use my Xinja account. I would put more into that account if Xinja had a housing loan facility that could be accessed by those younger than I who are on, or entering the 'housing merry-go-round". Sharing the benefits of my savings with others in this way is what I see as the modus operandi of a properly functioning commUNITY.

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Hey @Now_is_the_time - points well made thank you - and we will be launching home loans later this year. Funnily enough, we’ve also been talking alot about interfamilial finances so it’s a hot topic!

That’s an interesting idea. A sort of… “family account”. Maybe a way of linking accounts together in some respect for communal savings goals, money transfers, small loans? etc.


Thanks for your response. That is great news. Following the govt’s 2nd stimulus package being announce as I write, I will be withdrawing moneys from my super and logging it in my account.
Going forward, 2 suggestions:

  1. Publicity of your upcoming home loan facilitates and potential interfamilial finances needs to get to EVERY Australian over the age of 50. Many have been looking for a way of transferring the advantage of our many years of hard yakka saving for the future to those who follow us. Well done you for thinking in this direction.
  2. Change your title to commUNITY Manager, as that what your initiatives will deliver; UNITY across generations.
    Kind regards