Xinja launching 2nd Equity Crowdfund!


Ok peeps, it’s on! We’re doing what Eric said we would which is to launch another round. So it’s another chance to own a piece of Xinja! You can register interest now at the Equitise website and you might like to read our old blog about what happened in the first round! (nb: the total went to $2.7m in the end with some last minute entries!)


Hi, is it a $500 min for the crowd funding? :smile:


Great question @Kimmieyay Shares in Xinja for this second round of crowdfunding will be priced at $2.04 each, with a minimum investment of $255 required to take part.


We’ve got off to a ripper start with our second crowdfunding raise – a big thank you to all those who’ve registered interest so far!

Since our announcement, we’ve been getting lots of questions, so thought we’d share the most common FAQs for now, in one place.

Here’s the link in 12 common FAQs about our equity crowdfund

Let us know if you have any more


Epic. Can not wait :santa:t2::mrs_claus:t2::christmas_tree: came early!


I have much to learn yet but interested. Sounds
good to help build a bank and be participating from the early day’s upwards. :nerd_face::handshake:


Hey @Taue - thanks for considering us! Check out this link. If you have any other questions - drop them on here!


Yippee thanx, @nanoxinja had a read lastnight and on the list. Cheers. :cowboy_hat_face::+1:


Nice one @Taue :_ninja_emojis_lilac_01::_ninja_emojis_turq_03::ninja_emojis_blue_03::ninja_emojis_pink_02:


Great to see the second round of crowd funding. I’m pretty excited that I’ve made a 60% return on my first investment.

If it’s another knock out success at $5m @ $2.04 a share does that mean the founders shares gifted to them are now worth $49m (eg 24k founders shares)


Hi @T_Armer yes it does - as you say at the current $2.04 a share valuation.


Crowdfund more like crowdfun!!! :ninja_emojis_pink_03::ninja_emojis_blue_01::ninja_emojis_pink_02: