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Hey Heidi,

This is VERY intriguing, how would you foresee it working considering you (at the moment at least) have to top up using a debit card? Are they the same across borders I wonder? (similar to prepaid?)


Yes I’m sleeping on wads of cash in this $16/night hostel… Promise… :joy:


I am not sure on how it would work. But if Australians can send you money via your ‘’ I was hoping people from overseas could pay you via it too.


This sounds like it should be how it works, I’ll double check for you!


You guys public yet on ASX, or just taking investors… either way, email me details or keep me in the loop


Transferwise is awesome, 3 bank accounts in the Us,UK and Aus. Cuts all fees and no one can touch it … yet

ATO surely will be looking hard at it


No plans for an IPO at the moment, we’re looking to do another retail round of investment in 2019! Watch this space!


Regarding how will work, will it charge a fee when it’s used similart to how works? Or will the transaction be free of charge as well as instant?
Thank you


Fee-free would be great. PayPal is already getting too expensive for me to use lately!


Hi @nahtE Ethan and @heidi_helen Heidi - Xinja me is fee free :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow! That’s fantastic to hear. The good news just keeps coming hey


so its just like pay id but web based?


Will it include or use Pay ID Technology?


Love you guys for this. Great stuff.