is here!


:tada: :ninja_emojis_blue_03: is here! Split bills or costs with your mates, or get paid, easy as! To get splitting, watch this how-to video
If you have autoupdates turned off, you’ll need to update your app :point_right::calling:


Giddy up! We used it at lunch today. Simple as and you see the funds in your Xinja accountant instantly. :grinning:


Good effort on bill splitting, I’ve never actually used this feature directly through my Monzo account, but have done it manually and really see where it will pay off* as a semi automated feature.

*pun intended.


Xinja account**** … Clearly I was so excited by Xinja me I posted a typo. :joy:


I was so excited, I didn’t even notice the typo.


@SportyXinja Xinja accountants… hrmm can they slash your bills with a sword?