Xinja merch ideas for summer?


What xinja merch would you like to see for summer?

We did a limited edition water bottle. Do you like this?

Also @CaptainXinja xinja branded up an inflatable seat - thoughts?

For us - we just need to see our branding out there, loud and proud - and we need to be able to post merch easy to you all. So nothing tooo huge and heavy.

All ideas will automatically receive one.


How about the mini bottles of sunscreen that clip onto bags etc. They would look great with the Xinja logo on it.


I guess my thought would be to step back and look at the broader why. Are you looking to be seen, just to be seen or is there a way to extend that into something that speaks more to the usefulness or convenience of what the brand represents.

For example, the sunscreen idea is pretty good (useful and then recycle) and you can always reuse a nice waterbottle. What about… the logo stamped on biodegradable food packaging at a festival? Um… … sponsoring a related arts event or a talk? What about… stamps and envelopes for people to send love letters? A really cool retro full on 80’s stationery set? A “show us your X” campaign?

Just trying to extend the idea beyond hats, pens, holders, etc. etc. People already have a lot of “stuff” and you don’t want to get lost in the mass, just because you can.


I agree with the above. Partner with an event, music festival perhaps, and give away visible merch that people will wear on the spot…think caps, headbands, water bottles etc. It’s your demographic and the best way to get the name out there.

In terms of stuff to send out… You can’t go past a cap, t-shirt or singlet.

Just make sure that whatever you decide that it isn’t bright pink…I know it’s the colour scheme you chosen for the bank, but it limits the amount of people that will actually use the merch. Girls won’t mind, but you won’t catch me in a Xinja pink anything. So maybe rethink that colour.


Insulated drinks cooler bag and insulated lunch bag / cheese bag would also be a good one.

I have a branded drinks bag (fits a six pack) which gets use every summer.


As an old heterosexual. Married dude! I would wear Xinja pink, but that’s me.

The water bottle is brilliant, functional and stolen by my 18 yr old son twice already.

So it’s certainly getting seen. I would also like a Xinja badge/ lapel pin! The strong type you would see made in the past not those big throw away tin & safety pin badges although that type of thing may have its place at an event like the Royal Easter Show which the big 4 take great advantage of.

However, seriously, we need a decent money box.

This time tin is good.

I think as a kid I owned every money box ever made, and often, was the reason I joined some banks. Then came plastic, Yuk!

I always thought about breaking open the old tin money boxes, the plastic ones broke open before I ever thought about it.

The banks did some great things in the past, then came corporate greed and the great things became a thing of the past and have never returned. :ninja_emojis_blue_01::ninja_emojis_pink_01:


Re: the clip on bottles of suncream

and if they are refillable, even better.
minimise waste, maximise experience :slight_smile:

branded clothing also wouldnt hurt, nice dry wicking cool-fit fabric ofcourse. we don’t want to sweat about our banking experience :wink:


bright pink xinja kites given away at the bondi festival of the winds would make for a great picture


Maybe not specifically for Summer, but pink Xinja cuff links would be awesome !!!


In order of my personal preference:

Bottle opener key ring (needs to be visually different enough to get the brand noticed though) - should spark someone to say that’s such a cool keyring or where do you get that!

Polo shirts would be cool - even better if available in matching for couples xD that would get attention for sure

Small backpack for summer travel feels, great for beach and hiking.

Vinyl Stickers that would look cool on cars - I know my car scene loves a visually striking sticker or two.



Don’t mean to sound pushy, i am just enthusiastic but how’s the summer merch going? It’s almost the end of summer xD


We’ll have some news on this very soon :ninja_emojis_pink_02: