Xinja prepaid card is here


As you may well know, our first product - the Xinja prepaid card is here! - use it like cash - top up with your disposable income - it’s a great way to track your spending - quick peek of SportyXinja out ‘n’ about ‘n’ xinja-ing with the card here


So for those who use Android technology, do you have any suggestions as to how to use my prepaid Xinja card whilst I wait for you to develop an Android app? Does the card work well as a frisbee or dinner plate? Can I use it to ride waves down at Lorne or cook ramen?

Just curious. Eager for the beta in the interim.


Hi @XinjaSENSEI - please note it’s glow in the dark, so one use for the card (as long as you’ve ‘charged’ it with light) is attracting attention in nightclubs or down mines (but we don’t encourage this necessarily). However, watch out for ‘xinja silent karaoke’ coming soon - this may give you other ideas… and thank you for your patience! Hope you’ve signed up for the early android testers here? :ninja_emojis_pink_03:


Am I able to get my hands on a card while not being an Australian resident? With me soon to be spending a lot of time in the country I’d be a willing Guinea Pig for the Android beta also. Signed up to be a tester.


Hi Digi,

Any idea on when our cards will arrive?



hey @Bookman, can you send a quick email to and we’ll be able to give you an idea of when your card will arrive based on your place in the waitlist?


Thanks Digi - Email sent - subject “Prepaid investors card”


Got my card and will have it topped up tomorrow. Will then give it a try.


I have been using the card for about 2 weeks now and I really like it.

Is there a reason why transactions stay in pending mode for several days? This makes it difficult to soley use the card, as you can only top-up when purchases have cleared.


Hey @ranciliomike,

Tagging in our app builder here - @appyXinja, who is best placed to answer your question.


Hi @ranciliomike. Very good point and this is a bummer. We can’t control how long a transaction takes to settle (dependent on the bank provider that the merchant uses). Usually it’s about 2-4 business days to settle although it can be faster or slower :slight_smile: Also, there are some limitations on all prepaid cards (not just this one) for fraud reasons - hence not letting you top up till the pendings have cleared. HOWEVER, a couple of good things round the corner. We’re currently working hard on instant top-up (with a debit card - so no more waiting for the money to come onto your card - so once they HAVE cleared, you can get money back on straight away). This is imminent - so watch this space. Plus we’re working with regulators to get a banking license, at which stage we’ll be able to build a deposit account with a linked debit card that will not have a restriction on how much you can have in your Xinja account!


Hi @CaptainXinja, I’m also currently overseas. When using the form to get the prepaid founders card it is asking for an aussie number and address. I can supply a UK number and proof of address, anyway I can get a card?


Hi @Ka_Coffiney/Max - at the mo you have to be an Australian resident. We can take a UK number but we’ve got to deliver the card to an Australian residential address. Will you be back soon? Best thing is to contact and speak to the Xinjarati so that you can give them your details and they can organise for a UK number at least, and then deliver to your Australian address. Really sorry we can’t just make the UK thing happen for you!


This is great news! I can’t wait to find out when my card is on the way :slight_smile: does anyone have any images yet?


Can I get a card sent to my hostel when I arrive in Australia?


I wish we could help you man but I’m 99% sure we need a permanent address! We don’t even send to post office boxes.


I just joined today! looking forward to getting the card and seeing what it looks like :slight_smile:


Love it, Ellie! Let us know how you go :slight_smile:


It’s true! It glows in the dark!! So my card finally arrived :grinning:. Something I’ve noticed so far though; I can add the card to Uber no problems and it works fine. Ola on the other hand, does not allow me to add it as a payment option, which I assume to be a limitation of their app. not allowing pre-paid cards. Just thought I’d mention t and see if others have noticed it being accepted by some apps., but not others.


Since i am 16 will i have to re-join the queue to get my account once you guys get your banking license?