Xinja prepaid card is here


Thanks for letting us know! That’s pretty strange about Ola because as far as I’m aware it should work anywhere a Visa works. (Which you could assume Ola is included in).


I got the email weeks ago about being at the top of the waitlist for the card and to create an account and the card would be on the way and access to the app shortly thereafter but I haven’t gotten the card or the app yet, is there a way to check the progress?



HI @HCDemon. Absolutely! I can check for you.

We want you Xinja-ing about the place ASAP! :dancer:I’ll send you a quick private message and grab a few more details from you. Thanks for letting us know you haven’t received it yet! :ninja_emojis_pink_03:


How’d you go with this HCDemon?


Great, Peta was awesome in helping me.


I just got my account active and my card topped up after Peta (what a sweetheart) helped me out.

The card design is very pink! Haha. Which I really like.


My card arrived today! What an awesome early Christmas present!!