Xinja Saving Tips

I’m interested to know how people (if any) are using there Xinja’s to save up on money etc or any money saving tips you swear by!
Happy Xinja-ing!

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Hey Ellie!

I started using the Xinja card specifically to get my finances in check but I’ve found myself just spreading the spend out over different cards :joy: I’m doing a bit of a blog with Xinja trying to get my overspending sorted but it’s been a challenge, check it out if you get a chance; you might learn something from my failures LOL

Have you got any tips yourself?

@elliekennedy @SocialXinja

My best tip is use your Xinja card as your expenditure account aka Splurge account.

If you have not read Barefoot investor - then go buy it.

The basics are -
4 accounts
1st. Pay goes into and it pays your normal bills (rent, electricity, food, etc) come out of it (60% of pay)
2nd. Used for long-term saving for house, car, etc and does not have a keycard and requires you to go into the bank to access it. (20% of pay)
3rd. Used for week to week spending on coffee, movies, etc. (10% of pay) – Xinja card this one!
4th. Used every 2-3 months for big purchases (TV, fridge, clothes, holiday, etc.) and is your reward for saving (10% of pay)

These 4 accounts changed my life - hope it helps you :smiley:


This is similar to what I do. One account for any regular debits or bills to come out of, which gets topped back up every pay to the required amount. This account has a card linked as some debits require this - but it’s not for spending! Then I have one account for savings (both for specific things and a “rainy day” - I can allocate funds within the one account to different “goals” which negates the need for having to have multiple accounts). Lastly I have my “fun” or spending account which is the money I can spend on going out. This is the account I will be using the Xinja pre paid card for initially.


See guys, this is why I need this forum. I have one account which I spend all my money from. It’s deceptive because I always have thousands of dollars left by payday, but its because I don’t segment my money, so I really only have like $200. Fake wealth!

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Hey guys, a useful strategy that was taught to me some time back was to segment my money as follows as soon as you get paid:
55% Necessities - an account for your essentials: mortgage, rent, food, etc.
10% FFA - Financial Freedom Account: this is your golden goose that does not ever get touched.
10% LTS - Long Term Savings for Spending, an account for a rainy day, vacations or big ticket purchases.
10% Play - an account for leisure and spoiling yourself.
10% Education - an account to invest in education to better yourself i.e. books, courses, etc.
5% Giving - an account to give back. i.e. Charity, community, etc.

I learned this through a mentor of mine and really does do wonders. You’ll always have money this way.