Xinja Shares for sale

Selling a further 1000 Xinja shares.

Trade through / non-market transfer.

If anybody is interested, please review the above website for process information and say hello :slight_smile:

Are you sure that’s the right URL :face_with_monocle: :-1:

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Oh dear, I did just have a go at that myself. Good pick up @waltervice

Maybe will be better

:joy: this made my night!

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Is this the same thing that happened to me a few days earlier?? lol

Haha yes @yogi

I should’ve checked. But I’m with you, very good to see great health practices in some industries :slight_smile:

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Hey @MJC, @waltervice, @yogi - if you’re shareholders the login URL - this is what Boardroom (the share registry) use!


Still 1250 shares available.

PM to make an offer :slight_smile:

You realise that you still have more shares available than you started with at the top of the thread? lol

Do you plant them in a particular soil to get that sort of growing result?

Well my objective is not to disclose how many shares I hold, rather sell what I do own at my leisure, Mr Yogi.

I may decide to let some more go at some stage - so prepare yourself

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