Xinja survey! Please complete


Hi folks - if you haven’t seen these on social/in email, we are in the process of prioritising features and feature types for the bank account & app - we’d love to hear your thoughts - it takes about 20 minutes to grab a coffee/tea/beer/wine etc! :ninja_emojis_pink_03:


Done. Was interesting in how the survey was designed :+1:

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Took me a question or two to work out the if this wasn’t available how would you feel scale.


Hi @DylanJ - yes we used the Kano Model - the responses are consistent but they feel like a double negative at times…


That’s what I find interesting. Seems like the design was to force you to think about it and not use a default scale where you can use muscle memory to place items into predefined “buckets”


I completed this and there are some cool and interesting questions, most of which is either what you would expect as standard from a bank or nice (or really nice) to have but without trying to sound like a whinger, until ApplePay is a thing all the rest doesn’t matter because I simply wouldn’t use it.