Xinja Zapps: version 1.5 is out now in iOS and Android - check out release notes

Lots of fixes, backend hardening (sounds painful :slight_smile: and we’ve made the launch animation much faster on iOS (was annoying) but also we’ve redone the sign out/back in process in Android (will follow in iOS) so it’s MUCH simpler.

1.5 Android

We’ve reworked secure sign-out with ‘double-tap’ to sign out plus added a security section in settings specifically:

  • New: “SIGN OUT” button in settings page - email validation no longer required - re-authenticate via passcode or biometrics
  • New: “Security” section in settings.
  • Biometric toggle
  • Easy Double-Tap-To-Signout
  • “Deregister Device” securely signs user out & deregisters device (required to go through email validation again)
  • New: Redesigned Sign Up / Sign In screen

1.5 iOS

So we’ve reworked the app launch animation & loading times to be faster plus fixed a few bits specifically:

  • Improved the app launch animation and loading times
  • Fixed: Smoother Xinja switch toggle animation
  • Fixed: Misaligned text on Home screen icons
  • Fixed: Crash on app launch affecting just a few users
  • New: Redesigned Sign Up / Sign In screen

As always, we love your input, you can see the Xinja Roadmap, vote for your priorities (and track their progress!)

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On Android 10.

This release has made fingerprint login buggy for me. When first opening the app, the screen is completely pink, then there is a very quick black flash that was not there before this version, then the Xinja logo animation plays and disappears, and the screen is just stuck on pink. No prompt appears for the fingerprint login and the app is perpetually stuck, unable to log in.

The only way to get around this is to go to the Android Recents screen and re-open the Xinja app from there. After that, the pink screen appears, Xinja logo animation plays and the fingerprint prompt appears as intended. There is no black flash this time.

This doesn’t seem to occur when fingerprint is disabled; it seems to never have trouble getting to the PIN entry screen. Until this is fixed I’m going to leave fingerprint login off, lest I get placed in some situation where I need to access my money but can’t log into the app.

What exactly is the difference between using the new sign out and simply killing the app from the Recents screen as before? Upon re-opening the app there’s no difference at all.

Also, has the app always had a problem with rooted phones? I never had a problem before, but after uninstalling and reinstalling the app to try and fix the aforementioned unable-to-login-via-fingerprint issue, it complained about a “security issue” that went away when I used my usual root/unlocked-bootloader hiding method.

I have tried 'double-tap’ping everywhere in the app to sign out but nothing happened. How exactly does this work ?

EDIT: Found it. Tapped the “Sign Out” button and up came a message regarding the ‘double-tap’ which is now working.

@dysprosium thank you for all the details about that fingerprint issue with the new update - not sure yet what’s going on there but I’ll look into it. Glad there’s the pincode work around in the meantime!
I don’t believe the app was ever meant to work on rooted phones but it’s interesting that you’ve never had a problem before?

@rc-reg - thanks for the update, I’ll pass on that finding the feature wasn’t intuitive.

I am having the same issue with a pink screen and no login prompt for fingerprint login. Though I found that if I launch the app via google play it works ok.

+1 for pink screen and login issue. Open app first time and it freezes, have to swipe back to home then immediately reopen and it’s fine.

Hi @dysprosium @niblink, we have pushed another release yesterday versioned 1.5.1 - fixing the pink screen issue. Thanks for calling out. We hope the new build resolves your login issues.

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Just installed the update and pink screen issue resolved for me. Thanks

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The fingerprint login issue is resolved after installing this update; thanks for the speedy resolution.

I’m still not clear on why you would ever need to use the new manual sign out; doesn’t killing the app automatically sign you out in the same way anyway?

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Leaving the technical details aside, you are right. From the app’s perspective whether you kill the app or log-out the behavior or should I say the user journey to get back in is the same. However, Xinja being a banking app, some users take comfort in knowing they have securely logged out. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

The animation on iOS is longer from what I can tell, before it would skip to Face ID if the app was loaded before the animation completed but now it plays the entire animation and then shows Face ID/Pin screen

Login is smoother for me on iOS, but it does seem to take longer.

Hoping this glaring issue gets fixed next…

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Ha thanks @Kain - good eye, will pass it on to the Xinja app ninjas :boom:

Unsure if user issues relating to Multiple Device Access are addressed by this update? I’m still prompted to go through email, then passcode verification, when I switch between iOS devices.

When opening the app on device #2, I’m seeing the new welcome page followed by a new (since updating) error message. Screenshotted the error for the App Xinjas. Use on device #2 then continues normally, until I switch back to device #1, and welcome screen/sign in repeats.

Hiya @Jill the changes in the 1.5 update relating to sign in/out were mostly for Android - iOS is still to come

I’ll look into it though as I’m not 100% whether what you’re seeing is the part of the update :thinking:

Hi @Jill, sorry but the support for multiple devices is not yet available. It’s not been addressed in 1.5. I am really curious however. Would you mind sharing how often do you use multiple devices?

One use-case could be when we have a work phone and personal phone.

Thanks for looking further into this one @design.iota.xinja.

That’s precisely my use case. My typical day would involve me using mainly my iPad at work, then switching to my iPhone as the day winds down. When I swap over from one device to the other, it takes a while to go through the welcome screen/error message > click sign in > enter email address > open email > click on email link > sign in with passcode process each time. App use with that device continues normally until I have to switch devices again. I have many expired “Xinja - please sign in” emails sitting in my inbox to show for it. A first-world problem, most definitely, but the UX would feel seamless if this was resolved. Has no one else reported this?

Oh, what I mean is we are well aware of our lack of support for multiple devices. It does come up every now and then. Supporting one device at a time is secure but pretty cumbersome for users with multiple devices :slight_smile:
I was only trying to understand the usecase of when someone would use multiple devices. Thanks for getting back.

If Xinja view it as a security risk (which it is), you could hide the device limit changing behind contacting support to get it changed. To keep people below the limit, when logging on to a deviced they could be prompted on the already logged in devices to log out of one of them to keep below (or contact support if you aren’t trying to log in!)
Allows the ability for users to use multiple devices while knowing that they can’t be logged into from another device that isn’t theirs😉

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