Xinja Zapps: version 20.3.1 now in iOS and Android

Ok so for iOS this time we’ve reworked the sign out as we did in Android to make it much easier (yeh!) and added some security settings.

The biggest news for both is our new version numbering. We now use a year, month, and release number system. Too easy!

On Android we squashed some bugs and some technical UI/UX fixes.

20.3.1 Android

  • Just some minor technical & UI/UX bug-fixes and we’ve changed version numbering to year (20) month (3) release # (1) - for easy reference. How cool is that?

20.3.1 iOS

We reworked secure sign-out with ‘double-tap’ (tap tap!), added a security section in settings, & changed version # to year/month/release.

  • New: “SIGN OUT” button in settings page - email validation no longer required - re-authenticate via passcode or biometrics
  • New: “Security” section in settings.
  • Easy Double-Tap-To-Signout
  • “Deregister Device” securely signs user out & deregisters device (required to go through email validation again)

As always, we love your input, you can see the Xinja Roadmap, vote for your priorities (and track their progress!)

Hi @xinja_blair, minor thing but I think this release introduced a visual glitch in the sign-in process. While Face ID is running, the gradient background doesn’t cover the whole screen, leaving a weird rectangular border visible:

Device is an iPhone XS Max with iOS 13.3.1.

Thanks for the heads up @fizwidget, not quite sure what’s going on there but I’ll get our devs to take a look at it! Does it happen every time you use faceID on the recent update?

Thanks @xinja_blair, yes it happens every time I use Face ID with this update.

Issues like this and this and worse the inability to run the app are strong arguments for having a website/PWA access

Thanks so much @fizwidget!