Xinja's Monthly burn rate?

At the next Xinja meeting, will Eric advise its share holders what the monthly burn rate is at the moment? and the runway? or can this information be shared on this platform?
and what is the cost of acquisition at the moment to bring on a “customer”

Hi Allan - best thing if you’re a shareholder is to ask Eric the question directly at the AGM? And the annual report will be out by then anyway. As to CPA, we’re not spending on Acquisition at the moment, apart from a small amount ongoing in search, which doesn’t give you a very realistic number. Again, worth asking at the AGM if you’re attending (it will be virtual but you’ll be able to ask questions etc).

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thanks for the update
when is the AGM?
As a Shareholder, should we have received a message by now?

Thanks @Allan No it’s not finalised but we’re actually deciding this in the next few days so there will be a ‘save the date’ email coming shortly. It will be in November.

thanks again for the reply

On a related but different note, is there any accessible way of seeing how many shares there are of Xinja at the moment?

Or… annual report?

Hi @yogi the annual report will be out shortly and before the AGM. I don’t know the exact date but I’ll find out.

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